Snapchat will receive a refresh design

During the time that even YouTube wants to adopt Snapchat’s story-based feature, the parent of the 10-second clips where everybody has a dog or other funny filters, they try once again to save themselves from bankruptcy.

Even if everyone feels that Pirater Snapchat Free is extremely popular and brings a lot of money, the situation is not quite so, because Instagram (that is, Facebook) copied without much remorse the majority of the Snapchat features, the company is at a loss with $ 30 million in the last quarter.

Respectively, they have no choice between “All or nothing!”, So a major redesign of the app will be launched this week.

The basic idea in the new Snapchat will be as friends and everything related to share, discussion, to be on the left side of the room, and branding, influence and all that is related to search and consumption of content in right side.

Until now, the Stories, which disappear in 24 hours, had a separate page and were mixed in a bunch of friends and brands, which created a tricky experience. Besides the fact that mini-videos and chatting with friends are placed on the left side, they are arranged in such a way that priority has content from the best friends, not the people who post in one.

Also, in the Discover tab, where content is from publications and influences, everything will be sorted according to what the user consumes more, unlike Facebook and Instagram where popular content is displayed, not necessarily what you need . Moreover, a Snapchat team of publishers will moderate every video made by publications and influences to ensure the quality of the content, and most importantly, they will try to filter out fake news. By filtering the content on the Discover page and separating what your friends pose and posting the rest, Pirater Snapchat could rejoin the struggle to attract as many users as possible. Currently, 3.5 billion Snap Pirater snaps are generated in the daily application.

This is an enormous number, but it does not help them compete with Facebook and Instagram anyway. These changes may cause users to start from the beginning, but each change in any application has the same effect. It is certain that Snapchat must resemble the fact that Instagram has virtually copied all of their functions (stickers, stories, animated faces) and find other ways to attract new users.

The new redesign will arrive in these weeks on Android and iOS apps. As far as I can tell, the biggest advantage of Instagram is the support and the connection with Facebook.