iPhone X Contest and Specifications

Its name is less conventional, but iPhone X is the same as iPhone 10, the nomenclature being most likely chosen not to create unnecessary confusion with iPhone 8’s successor over a few years.

Important Features for iPhone X Gagner Free

Undoubtedly, the screen that covers almost the entire face of the front, except for a speaker top, is the main landmark of the phone. Practically, the edges are almost insensible, the back is also made of glass, and the sides are made of steel. On the right side, as usual, the Power button is integrated, but it has a longer length.

Win an iphone x, what should you do?

In terms of this design, the screen occupies 83% of the screen area, compared to the 67% of the iPhone 8 Plus. Using the back glass allows the phone to charge wirelessly, but the 7.7 millimeter thickness advantage is dimmed by the high profile of the camera.

Extending the screen across the front of the screen led to the removal of the central button, another first for Apple. However, the use of the phone should not be a problem for beginners, especially since Apple has used a number of gestures already encountered among Android rivals. So, to unlock the screen just tap on the screen, and to get to the homescreen you have to swipe up.

When you are in an app, another swipe up will bring you back to the homescreen, as happens when you press the home button. It’s still unclear how the iPhone X makes a swipe up for returning to the homescreen by a simple navigation browser, for example.

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