How we make pop songs

At the beginning as an orchestra, I did not understand how his arrangements were sounding close to the first reading of the orchestra or the band, and for my time there was time and maybe some changes …

I like to think that I have come to a moment when I can sketch myself quite real in my mind and can anticipate how my orchestra or my song will sound like the orchestra.

About ideas and how they appear and disappear
Inspiration is a wonderful sensation when it’s spontaneous. But she can also be trained. I think training leads to performance in any field, if there is talent Pop Type beats at the base.

Just as an athlete practices a daily pop music workout, just as an instrumentist should study every day, so a composer should not go a long way without a new musical idea (even if it is not the best or even the bad ), an audition or a musical analysis.

How can we train our inspiration?
Musical theory is extremely important instrumental pop . Not more important than the essence of the music itself. But it is the basis of musical expression.

As you can not be a writer if you do not know the letters or when it’s time to put a comma in a phrase, I think that without musical theory you can only compose as an amateur.

Still, I notice a reluctance when it comes to musical pop music beats info: theory. Probably always will be. I hear very often, “Theory limits creativity.”

I think those who say this do not understand the theory well enough to assimilate it. Instead, like a drop of water dripping off a glass on the table at which you work, it fails to absorb the fabric of imagination.